The procedure

Why Independent Recruiters? 

The recruitment & selection market has many small and some larger players and fierce competition between them. Our consultants and their personal approach are the keys to our success. The professionalism and expertise of our consultants are always our top priority and form the basis for our distinctive character.Procedure: The process of recruitment & selection is completed flexibly according to the client's wishes. A standard procedure includes the following steps:


The client is our starting point. If we have not worked with the organisation or the specific department where the vacancy exists, we make an appointment to get acquainted in person. This meeting aims to obtain as complete a picture as possible of the organisation/vacancy holding department. During the interview, we take stock of the exact requirements regarding the position and the desired candidate. Ideally, this interview takes place with an (HR) manager of the organisation and the manager of the department where the vacancy exists.

Preparation of company and job profile

Independent Recruiters will draw up a company profile and extensive job profile based on the available information. After these profiles are reviewed and approved by the client, they are used to inform candidates. If the candidates we have proposed are invited, we will intensively supervise the subsequent procedure. Excellent and honest feedback from and to both parties is essential for a smooth process.

Approach potential candidates

Independent Recruiters performs a market scan based on the company and job profile and actively approaches potential candidates. We approach candidates in our portfolio who express their interest in the vacancy through (internet) advertisements, and as a third possibility, we can headhunt candidates.

Selection Round

The consultants of Independent Recruiters conduct an in-depth personal interview with the selected candidates, during which the candidate's Curriculum Vitae is extensively reviewed. In addition, the candidate's wishes and ambitions are thoroughly discussed. At this point, the candidate must be ready for the next career step, with personal development and growth as the main drivers. This enables us to select candidates who fit optimally within the client's organisation in terms of profile and attitude. If relevant, we will check the references of the candidates.

Proposals of the selected candidates

We will present the candidate who best matches the (competency) profile and culture of the client, along with a detailed motivation. Independent Recruiters has strong relationships with reputable independent agencies. If desired, we can engage these agencies during the procedure.


If the client hires the candidate we propose, we regularly follow up with both the client and the candidate to discuss whether everything is going well and to ensure that all parties have made the right choice. This also enables us to provide even better-customized service for future assignments.